Who are we and what do we do?

Kevin McLoughlin
Pat Killorin
Peter Pietryka
Kevin McLoughlin (Temporary)

The Syracuse Football Club (SFC began in 2000 as a fundraising platform for former players to give back to the football program. Today we function as a "Social Group" creating events for our members to celebrate our experiences and camaraderie.

The money raised today serves two purposes... First it satisfies our fiduciary responsibility to the club. Secondly, we make an annual donation directly to the "Head Football Coaches Fund" at Syracuse

SFC consist of about 500 members. Our major goal this years is to connect and add membership of our young Orange graduates.

Finally we have entered to age of social media! We have created a facebook page and twitter account so our members can stay up to date on all their football news. Check out the SOCIAL MEDIA tab up top for up to the minute info on our Orange men!

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