About Our Club

Syracuse Football Club

The Syracuse Football Club (SFC) began in 2000 as a fundraising platform for former players to give back to the football program. Today we function as a “Social Group” creating events for our members to celebrate our experiences and camaraderie.

The money raised today serves two purposes… First it satisfies our fiduciary responsibility to the club. Secondly, we make an annual donation directly to the “Head Football Coaches Fund” at Syracuse.

SFC consists of about 500 members. Our major goal this years is to connect with and add membership from the more than 800 players who are not currently members of the SFC.

Everything Football

Our goal in building this site was to first provide you a place to go to keep up to date on what was going on in both the SFC and the football program.  Toward that end, we will be posting News/Events specific to the club, news feeds from various sites about the football program, the football schedule, team roster and an updated calendar of events regularly. These will change regularly so check back often to stay up-to-date!
PS-If we are missing something, please let us know.  Again, this site is intended to be EVERYTHING FOOTBALL for you.  We need your input to make it better!

Club Events, ‘Cuse Schedule & Calendar

As a member you will receive a schedule and locations of all of our events and can both provide and receive feed back from past events.  Please note, you can access the Club Events by clicking the tab below, the ‘Cuse Schedule and Calendar by clicking the tabs in the upper right hand corner of the site.

SFC Members Login

We are proud to announce our SFC Member Only Section. Our goal is to connect old members and new young members to foster a social and networking outreach.  This Member login section is being designed to allow you to digitally socialize with all players that “Bleed Orange” for the ‘Cuse, to job search, network to grow your business and more…..
Over the next few months, watch your email for member login credentials and directions as to how you can complete your personalized profile so you can join in the FUN!

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