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The Goal of the Networking/Mentoring Group is to bring former players together to grow and enhance their Networks and to provide contacts, experience and support through a Mentoring Program. The Harvard Business Review Claims up to 80% of jobs are not posted. Networking is critical. In addition to the mentoring program, we will leverage Athletes Network and internal connections to promote and create career opportunities.
It is important that everyone fill in their full profiles. We are Teachers, Coaches, Lawyers, Administrators, Professional Athletes, Motivation Speakers, Fathers, etc. We will link Mentors who can provide guidance on career path, contacts, motivation, identifying resources and provide emotional support.
Committee; Tim Ahern’78,Skip Dalrymple’74,Keenan Hale’14, Nick Marsella’76,Rusty Mills’74,Chris Williamson’14

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  • Great news as we move forward with our Mentoring program. We received seven former players that volunteered to be mentors in the SFC Mentoring program. If you would like to link with a SFC member with the following skill sets and experience fill in the Attached Mentoring Application. The mentor lists includes CEOs, Business Owners, Surgeons and…[Read more]

  • Skip and his team have added a temporary Job Board feature. We will use this while we build a more robust JB, N/M app. If you have a job/career posting forward to Skip Dalrymple.

    You can access the JB under the Club Archive button. Different Platforms; cell phone, IPad, or Computer will present differently.…[Read more]